Stow Presbyterian Church

Welcome to SPC. We hope you’ll take the time to check out our website and find our a little more about us. The best way to get to know us is to visit us for a worship service. Stow Presbyterian is a place where God is at work and things are happening. We exist to be a place where people connect with God; grow in their faith; and are transformed. We love serving in our communities and being connected to world around us. We love singing, laughing, praying together, learning and even having a lot of fun in the process. In short, we aren’t perfect people, but we serve a Savior Who took care of that for us. Get to know us…we are excited to get to know you!



Sundays at SPC

When you arrive at SPC, expect a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Some people will be in jeans or shorts, and others may even look dapper in a suit. But don’t worry, because everyone will be glad you’re here.

We have our Adult Bible Fellowship (A.B.F.) classes for adults and Sunday school for kids at 9:00 AM.

We offer worship on Sundays, at 10:15 AM. It is a great time for families to get to worship without feeling too rushed. At the 10:15 worship service, we release kids through 6th grade during the greeting time to go to RESONATE-a kid’s church for K-6th grades.

We have a nursery for the little ones staffed by caring and trained nursery workers and volunteers at the 9:00 AM discipleship hour and during the 10:15 AM worship service.


What is an A.B.F.? Is it contagious?

Actually, it might just be contagious! Adult Bible Fellowships, or “A.B.F.’s”, are a great way to grow in your faith and connect with our faith community at SPC. There are always new studies forming on a variety of topics. Some ABF’s work through the Scriptures book by book, while others are more topical. Some ABF’s meet on other nights of the week. These opportunities to grow and learn are essential to our life at SPC. I guess that’s why about forty percent of our community is connected to one regularly!


Currently, we have three ABF’s on Sundays at 9:00am:

What’s New? with Patrice Spencer is going through “102 Fascinating Bible Studies”. It’s a new topic each week.  This class meets in Room A.

BookMark led by Mark Wiley is going through a variety of topics through videos. Starting in October, they will be going through the book of Luke. Join this class in Room B.

Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask with Alice Buchanan. A video Bible study by Angela Thomas-Pharr. This class meets in Room C.

Where can I learn more about what SPC offers for me or my family?

When you enter the front doorson Sundays, we have volunteers and one of our Ruling Elders available to answer any questions and direct you around our facility. “Ruling Elder” is Presbyterian fancy talk for “overseer” “or elected spiritual leader”. Elders are the backbone of our church’s oversight, along with our pastors, aptly called “Teaching Elders”.

What about Communion?

We celebrate the Sacrament of Communion once a month. We believe the bread and wine indicate the spiritual presence of Christ and that we are sealed in His covenant when we take, eat, drink and remember His sacrifice on the cross. We invite everyone who wishes to draw closer to Christ to join us in communion.

Communion is served to seated attendees using individual cups of red wine and white grape juice and bite-sized pieces of bread on trays.

Occasionally communion is served by intinction. The congregation is invited to come forward to take a piece of bread and dip it in grape juice. There are also trays with bread and individual cups of grape juice for those who don’t want to “dip”. Those serving communion will go to those who are unable to come forward.

Children old enough to understand communion are welcome to participate.

Where are you?

We are located at 4150 Fishcreek Road in Stow Ohio (44224) just before the intersection of Fishcreek and Graham Roads. There are entrances to our parking from both Fishcreek and Graham.

Learn About Membership

Want to get connected to SPC on a deeper level as a member?

We have several opportunities per year to make the commitment to become part of our faith community.

Membership is important because it defines our relationship and connects us to God and each other in a different way.

Our ``FOM`` or ``Focus on Membership`` are made up of two Sunday intensive sessions where adults connect and learn about our faith and how to get connected to life at SPC.

Teens have their own FOM yearly as a part of Student Ministries. Teens have a dynamic environment for spiritual growth through Underground, our Student Ministry for 6th-12th graders. Contact Pastor Bob for more information.


Sunday Morning
Discipleship at 9am
Worship at 10:15am

Underground Student Ministries
Email students@stowpres.church for details on upcoming events.


4150 Fishcreek Road
Stow, OH 44224

(330) 688-6935