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Today's Lesson:


Last week, we talked about having NO FEAR, because God has your back!  He is always ready to protect us and to help us conquer our fears.  Why?  

Because God is TRUSTWORTHY!

That’s a BIG word.  It means someone you can TRUST.  We all have people that we can trust in our lives, but people are human.  Sometimes we do or say things that don’t seem trustworthy to others.  But God?  

God is ALWAYS AND FOREVER trustworthy.  No kidding!  

Let’s find out a little more about what it means to be trustworthy.

What's That Word: Trust

Let’s Talk About This!

Jon told us what TRUST is…

When you believe someone will do what they say they will do or if they are who they say they are.  

Why do you think it is important to have people in your life that you can TRUST?

You have trust or FAITH that these people are telling you the truth.  

Jon talked about two things that he has trust in…do you remember each of them?

Why did Jon say that he had TRUST in his old chair?  What has always happened when he sat in it?  Did it break – did he fall?  NO!  The chair is ALWAYS trustworthy because it is strong and sturdy and always holds him when he sits on it.

Why did Jon say that he has trust that a bite of a donut will be delicious?  If every bite you have ever had of a donut has been scrumptious, do you trust that your next bite will be as well?  I would!  Yum!!

So, think about those people who you trust in your life.  Do they act like they say they are going to act?  What are some ways that they do that for you?  If they say they are going to do something, do they do it?  If they say they love you, do they show their love to you?

Trust is FAITH…this means that you trust in something or someone because they are CONSISTENT.

Another fancy, big word!  CONSISTENT means it ALWAYS happens – it never changes.  In order for someone to be TRUSTWORTHY, that person must always do or act the way they say they will.  Always.  Never ever changing.

If you trust in God, it means you believe that God is who He says He is.  Who does God say that He is?





Our Father



What other things does God say He is that you believe?  Is God ALWAYS those things to you?  I bet He is…God NEVER changes!  You can count on that.

So, what can believe about what God does?  What makes Him TRUSTWORTHY?

·       We believe Him when He says He has a plan for us

·       We believe Him when He says He forgives us.

·       We believe Him when He says we can talk to Him.

·       We believe Him when He says He is always with us.

What else do you believe about God?  Why do you trust that these things are true?

It takes time to truly trust that someone will always do what they say and be a TRUSTWORTHY person in our life. 


That is what makes God absolutely positively always and forever…


I'm Trusting You

Remember that all God says and does is the truth.  He is ALWAYS faithful to do what He says.  Our Bible verse tells us so!

Memorization Verse

What does God do for you that makes Him TRUSTWORTHY to you?  Think of something to thank Him for…and remember to thank Him for never changing…ever!


Trust in God Fortune Craft

This paper craft was mailed to everyone.

Color the entire paper...both sides. 

Markers, crayons or colored pencils will do!

Below is the video on “how to fold” the craft

Trust In God Fortune Craft

Let’s Trust God…Together!


This world gets crazy sometimes but SPC wants you to remember that God is trustworthy – even when you can’t trust everything else around you.  He is our CONSTANT and we are so glad you have faith in that!